My Priorities

I will make balanced decisions that preserve our historic maritime character, support sustainable economic growth, and continue to make Gig Harbor a city worth bragging about!

Keeping it Local

  • Many residents of Gig Harbor have expressed concerns about unchecked growth and traffic congestion. If elected, one of my goals for the city council will be to begin working towards a sustainable growth model, improving the accessibility of our city, and finding innovative solutions to maintain Gig Harbor’s unique maritime character.
  • As a former small business owner, I understand the hurdles smaller businesses experience as they build their businesses to stay profitable. We should support new small businesses by streamlining the city permitting process. I hope to see our businesses flourish and build businesses that are in close proximity to our neighborhoods and support the needs of the community.
  • I promise to respect our city public servants who work so hard to keep Gig Harbor safe and functioning well – including our local police, fire, medic, maintenance workers, and general city staff.
  • My promise to you, if elected, will be to keep the aspirations and concerns of our citizens the focus of the city council. I will represent the interests of our community and will be a truly balanced voice, your voice, on the city council.


  • As a member of the Gig Harbor Parks Commission, I have a deep appreciation for our city parks and our environment.
  • One of the city’s most salient attractions, besides the beautiful harbor, is its urban forest. If elected, I will work on reviewing the municipal code to protect our city’s natural beauty. I am dedicated to protecting the existing tree canopy and plan to take actions to assess our current urban forest resources and develop city programs to enhance our tree canopy.
  • I hope to prioritize funding for parks maintenance (and recreational facilities), in an effort to maintain the unique maritime character of Gig Harbor and our existing community spaces.
  • The Mayor has taken some initial steps to recognize our native people and their land on which we live. If elected, I will continue these efforts of recognizing the native peoples of our harbor and surrounding areas.

City Accessibility

  • It is clear we need to improve the walkability of our city by adding and improving sidewalks. In turn, this will reduce traffic congestion across our city.
  • When elected, I promise to establish the pedestrian/cyclist advisory commission. This commission will provide a platform for Gig Harbor walkers and cyclists to have a voice when it comes to planning and prioritizing our roads, cycling paths, and our sidewalks.
  • I want to explore potential funding grants to bridge the gap (yes, with a literal bridge) between the current Gig Harbor and planned Purdy sections of the Cushman Trail.

Did I fail to address an aspiration or concern you have for our community? Reach out! I’m happy to chat over coffee or Zoom about my priorities and yours as well! Email me at:

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